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Main Features

2mm x 2mm ColorBar

DeltaOne is able to perform spectral color measurements on a smaller than average colorbar of 2 mm x 2 mm.

Compact Solution

DeltaOne offers a compact yet powerful solution for printers with its dimensions of H: 350 mm, W: 218 mm, and D: 200 mm and a measurement width of 50 mm.

Optical High Definition

DeltaOne integrates an optical zoom, providing users with a superior image resolution and exceptional levels of detail.

DeltaOne inline color management

SmartViewer Application

SmartViewer offers real-time visualization of the colorbar with high-definition imaging and optical zoom capabilities. Assess color accuracy, consistency, and registration throughout production.

ColorBar Automatic Detection

DeltaOne is motorised, allowing it to automatically detect the colorbar and accurately position itself at the appropriate spot on both sides of the web.

Compatible with MeasureColor Software

This seamless integration creates a data-driven print process optimization and print quality management system that enhances color consistency and overall print performance.

Software Applications



Real-Time Visualisation & Color Registration
The application leverages high-definition imaging technology to provide a instant feedback on the colorbar, allowing you to assess color accuracy and consistency with precision.

By using SmartViewer, you can ensure that your print color registration is precise, thereby avoiding position misalignment in overlapped patterns and allowing for immediate adjustments or corrections if any issues are detected.
MeasureColor Production

MeasureColor Production

Process Control & Quality Assurance
MeasureColor Production empowers you to master production processes with up to 12 colors per job. It offers visual defect annotation, it register accuracy, and performs barcode readability assessment.

By collecting data from DeltaOne for efficient corrective actions, you can streamline your quality control and enhance overall production efficiency.
MeasureColor Report

MeasureColor Report

Data analysis to improve performance
Thanks to the analysis of data gathered from DeltaOne and the overall color management process, MeasureColor Reports helps uncover hidden challenges and areas for improvement.

Demonstrate your commitment to quality by providing comprehensive reports to buyers and suppliers to foster trust and strengthen partnerships.

Looking for a full-width inline solution?

DeltaOne FAQs

Yes, DeltaOne is compatible with color management softwares. Today, DeltaOne is specifically designed to integrate seamlessly with the MeasureColor software, and the two are sold as a bundle to provide an optimized color management solution. The partnership between DeltaOne and MeasureColor ensures a high level of compatibility and a streamlined workflow for users.


However, it's important to note that DeltaOne is not limited to MeasureColor alone. It is also compatible with other color management software options available in the market. This flexibility allows users to leverage DeltaOne's capabilities with their preferred color management software, providing them with a wide range of options to meet their specific needs.

DeltaOne and DeltaWeb are both provided with a 300 ml cooling unit with a sealed refrigeration circuit. 

The DeltaOne offers a measurement width of 50 mm.

If you are seeking an inline full-width solution, we encourage you to visit our DeltaWeb page for comprehensive information.

Depending on the print speed, the DeltaOne technology allows the measurement of color patches as small as 2 mm x 2 mm.


Yes. The DeltaOne is installed on a motorised support and it automatically detects the colorbar anywhere on the printed sheet, positioning itself correctly. 

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