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Main Features

Color control within images & texts

Define Regions Of Interest as small as 1mm x 1mm, ensuring precise color monitoring even in the tiniest details.

Full Width Solution

Monitor and maintain color accuracy seamlessly across the entire web width for exceptional printing results.

Compatible with Color Management Softwares

This flexibility allows users to leverage DeltaWeb's capabilities with their preferred color management software, such as MeasureColor.

DeltaWeb Inline Spectral Scanner for color control

All-In-One Applications

Combine key functionalities into a single tool, simplifying your color management processes and optimizing efficiency.

Reporting & Analysis

All color measurements by DeltaWeb are conveniently stored and accessible through the DeltaWeb reporting system.

Versatile Solution

From ink-jet to flexo, narrow web to paper manufacture, our adaptable DeltaWeb applications offers a solution to your needs.

Software Applications

HD Viewer

HD Viewer

Real-Time Visualisation for Missing Jets & Color Registration
The HD Viewer application leverages ultra high-definition imaging technology to provide a instant feedback on the entire printed image, or on key zones such as logos, allowing you to assess color accuracy and consistency without machine downtime.

By using HD Viewer, you can also ensure precise print color registration, thereby avoiding position misalignment in overlapped patterns and allowing for immediate adjustments or corrections if any issues are detected. For ink-jet printers, this applications allows you to promptly detect any imperfection from missing or deflected nozzles.
Multispectral Control

Multispectral Control

Full Width Color Control at Print Speed
This powerful module allows you to set Regions Of Interests (ROI) as small as 1mm x 1mm anywhere on the printed image, ensuring comprehensive coverage.

You can set your tolerances thresholds in DeltaE values, enabling precise control over color accuracy, 100% of the time, and across the entire web width, guaranteeing thorough color monitoring throughout the process.

The Multispectral Control display includes a graphical view of the measured color, a color trend graph over time, and a visual side-by-side comparison of the master color with the current color.
Unispectral Control

Unispectral Control

Color Uniformity on 100% of the Production
With the Unispectral Control module, you can achieve inline color uniformity control across 100% of the printed surface, at print speed.

DeltaWeb's Unispectral Control enables you to monitor key parameters such as color, whiteness, and luminance throughout the production process.

This level of comprehensive monitoring meets the stringent requirements of paper suppliers and manufacturers.

Maintain full control over color quality, optimize production efficiency, and enhance customer satisfaction.
MeasureColor (optional)

MeasureColor (optional)

Production & Reporting
DeltaWeb is also compatible with color management softwares such as MeasureColor.

MeasureColor Production & Reporting empowers you to master production processes with up to 12 colors per job.

It offers visual defect annotation, it register accuracy, and performs barcode readability assessment. Its in-depth reporting systems helps uncover hidden challenges and areas for improvement.

DeltaWeb inline spectrophotometer on narrow web machine for label printing
DeltaWeb inline spectrophotometer motorised support full web width

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DeltaWeb FAQs

With DeltaWeb, the minimum size for your ROI selection is of 1 mm x 1 mm.

The DeltaWeb has a standard starting width of 340 mm and can be easily expanded by adding modules of 170 mm each, allowing for flexible scalability based on your specific requirements.

Yes. The DeltaWeb can be conveniently mounted on a motorized support, providing added flexibility and ease of integration into your existing setup. For more information on customization options and tailored solutions, please get in touch with our team.

Both our systems are designed to adapt to your machine speed without limitations.

Innovative control solutions for the printing industry.

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