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Paper suppliers & manufacturers

Complete color control over your paper production

Precise color measurement and control are essential to ensure color consistency and accuracy during all phases of paper production. Thanks to the Unispectral Control application integrated into our DeltaWeb inline spectrophotometer, paper manufacturers can automatically measure color uniformity, whiteness and luminance across the entire web width, continuously and at print speed.

With its 45°:0° measurement geometry ensuring excellent compatibility with laboratory instruments, DeltaWeb guarantees total control during production, thus reducing costs and wastage.


Missing Jets? Not on our watch!​

With the HD Viewer application, inkjet printers can access real-time visualization of printed images, providing them with valuable information for outstanding print quality. By quickly identifying missing or deflected nozzles, DeltaWeb’s HD Viewer ensures that every print is impeccable and meets the highest standards of precision.

In addition, this advanced application guarantees density uniformity between different printheads, eliminating inconsistencies and ensuring impeccable color registration.

Labels & narrow web

Precision in Every Pixel for Labels and Packaging

The Multispectral Control application is the answer for narrow web printers. Its simplified setup allows you to configure your Regions Of Interest (ROI) on one label or packaging and automatically replicate settings across the board for 100% color inspection.

Enhance detection by assigning different sensitivities to specific ROIs, ensuring precision where it matters most. Achieve compliance with visual identity through spectral measurement of a color signature, delivering consistent results aligned with brand standards.

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