Inline Spectrophotometer vs. RGB Camera in Color Measurement

inline spectrophotometer vs rgb camera color management

You may have already asked yourself: should I opt for an inline spectrophotometer or an RBG camera for my print color measurements?

At Veoria, we know that getting the right color is crucial for your projects. That’s why we’re here to simplify the difference between two common tools used in print color measurement.

1. Inline Spectrophotometer:
  • How it Measures: Spectrophotometers measure the light that’s reflected off an object at different wavelengths, giving a detailed spectral profile. Think of it as reading the exact ingredients of each color.
  • Impact: You’ll get a detailed, accurate, and consistent color measurement every single time. This ensures color consistency across jobs, which is crucial for brand colors and intricate designs.
2. RGB Camera:
  • How it Measures: RGB cameras capture colors in terms of Red, Green, and Blue values. It’s a more general representation of color, like seeing a summary instead of the full story.
  • Impact: Because of its limited color space, it might not capture important nuances. This means there’s a risk of inconsistencies or discrepancies in printed colors.
inline spectrophotometer printing

So, why choose Veoria’s inline spectral scanners? 🌟

Precision Matters: Our inline spectrophotometer ensures that your printed colors are always on point. With Veoria, you’re not just getting a general sense of the color; you’re capturing its very essence.

Cost-Effective: Less wastage due to color inconsistencies and machine downtime means savings for your business.

Keep Your Clients Happy: With consistent and precise color outputs, your clients will notice the difference. Happy clients = more business.

In the world of printing, where every shade and hue counts, Veoria is your reliable partner. Dive deep into the spectrum of colors with us and ensure that your prints are always a cut above the rest!


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