The Importance of DeltaE in Color Control

DeltaE Color Control Printing
Delta E (ΔE) is a metric for understanding how the human eye perceives color difference.

The term “delta” refers to difference, and “E” stands for Empfindung, which is German for “sensation”. Essentially, Delta E is a single number that represents the “distance” between two colors. This distance is not physical but perceptual, meaning it quantifies how much two colors differ from each other as seen by the human eye.

Why it matters in printing?

🎨 Ensures Color Consistency: In the printing industry, maintaining color consistency across different prints and batches is crucial. Delta E values help printers understand how close the color of the final print is to the desired color. A lower Delta E value indicates a closer match, ensuring consistency and quality.

🖼️ Improves Brand Image: Precise color reproduction using Delta E measurements in printing ensures that brand colors are accurately represented on various materials, maintaining brand integrity.

👌Enhances Product Quality: In product packaging, accurate color reproduction can influence consumer perception and decision-making. Delta E measurements help in maintaining the quality and appeal of product packaging by ensuring colors are reproduced accurately.

📐Facilitates Color Matching Across Different Media: Different materials and printing processes can result in color variations. By using Delta E as a standard, printers can achieve a close match between colors printed on different media, ensuring uniformity in materials such as brochures, business cards, and product packaging.

💰Efficiency and Cost-Effectiveness: Identifying and correcting color discrepancies early in the printing process can save time and reduce waste. By monitoring Delta E values with inline spectrophotometers such as Veoria’s #DeltaOne and #DeltaWeb, printers can make adjustments in real-time, minimizing the need for reprints and thereby reducing costs.

✅Quality Control and Communication: Delta E provides a quantifiable measure of color difference, which is useful for quality control and clear communication between clients and printers. By specifying acceptable Delta E values, clients can set clear expectations for #coloraccuracy, facilitating smoother workflow and satisfaction.


Delta E is a vital tool in the printing industry for managing and controlling color accuracy. It allows for precise color matching, ensuring consistency, quality, and efficiency in print production. By understanding and utilizing Delta E values, printers can meet high standards for color reproduction, satisfying client needs and maintaining brand integrity.

So, why choose Veoria’s inline spectral scanners? 🌟

Precision Matters: Our inline spectrophotometer ensures that your printed colors are always on point. With Veoria, you’re not just getting a general sense of the color; you’re capturing its very essence.

Cost-Effective: Less wastage due to color inconsistencies and machine downtime means savings for your business.

Keep Your Clients Happy: With consistent and precise color outputs, your clients will notice the difference. Happy clients = more business.

In the world of printing, where every shade and hue counts, Veoria is your reliable partner. Dive deep into the spectrum of colors with us and ensure that your prints are always a cut above the rest!


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